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WordPress is not too responsive to smart/small devices. The inconsistent bottom margin around the controls (caused by different image height?) may need some improvement. Anyway, I love using WordPress more and more each day.

The Blog


Last week we started to roll out some visual changes to and the Reader. We’ve been working hard on improvements in two key areas; making an amazing responsive experience on your mobile device, and making sure we’re doing the best job highlighting all of the beautiful photos and videos you’re posting.

Use Anywhere

With more than one billion smartphones in service around the world, we want working and looking great on every single one of them. If you log in to, you’ll notice a new responsive design that works and fits wonderfully on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, regardless of the brand of your device or its screen size.

Checking your stats, writing new posts, reading the latest on Freshly Pressed, or checking in on notifications through your web browser are all now a more comfortable experiences on the go.


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